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Video: “Bates Motel” Audition Tape Released at Comic-Con 2014
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Max at 3:42

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Article: Texas Rising – TV Mini Series
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You may already know about this…

History is re-teaming with the “Hatfields & McCoys” producers and star Bill Paxton for another miniseries, this time about the rise of the Texas Rangers.

The eight-hour “Texas Rising” — set to premiere next year — will detail the rangers’ role in the Texas revolution against Mexico in 1836.

Paxton will star as Texas politician Sam Houston, leading an ensemble cast that also includes Brendan Fraser (“The Mummy”), Ray Liotta (“Goodfellas”), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Magic City”), Thomas Jane (“Hung”), Olivier Martinez (“Unfaithful”), Chad Michael Murray (“Chosen”), Michael Rapaport (“Justified”) and Max Thieriot (“Bates Motel”).

“Texas Rising” will be produced by Thinkfactory Media and executive producer Leslie Greif, the team behind “Hatfields & McCoys,” which drew a record audience of nearly 14 million viewers in 2012.

Oscar-nominee Roland Joffe will direct the project, which is being co-produced by A+E Studios and ITV Studios America.

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Medient Studios to Release “Yellow” on August 29
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FFINGHAM COUNTY, GA, Jun 03, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Medient Studios, Inc. (otcqb:MDNT) (‘Medient’) announced today that it will release Nick Cassavetes’ Yellow on August 29 in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago, followed by a planned expansion nationwide. A festival favorite, Yellow has been screened to great critical acclaim at over a dozen film festivals around the world, including Toronto International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Munich Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival and SXSW among others. The film also won the “Best Feature Film” award at the Catalina Film Festival in September 2013.

Nick Cassavetes, the director and writer of Yellow, said, “I guess what I’m interested in today is putting up on screen something that is consistent with what I see when I walk out my front door. And granted, I’m a little crazy, but ‘Yellow’ comes pretty darn close.”

Yellow has received several glowing reviews over the past months when it has played at the various film festivals. Screen Daily calls it a film “destined for cult status” while Indiewire called it Cassavetes’ best work. “It’s not only Cassavetes’ best movie, but also a fascinating alternative to conventional melodrama that burrows inside its troubled protagonist’s head and unleashes her emotions in vivid terms. No matter how messy it gets, ‘Yellow’ renders a troubled subjectivity with striking creativity.”

Manu Kumaran, Chairman of Medient Studios and the Producer of the film said that this was a labor of love. “Nick Cassavetes has invented a new story telling idiom. He has broken every narrative tool in the shed and yet pulled off this stunning ode to a modern reality. This is a film for the ages, a film that will survive all of us. Every screening of the film to an American audience has ended in a standing ovation and we expect the film to perform well at the box office.”

A visually dazzling head-trip from director Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, The Other Woman),Yellow tells the story of Mary Holmes, (Heather Wahlquist), a young substitute teacher who escapes from her drudging everyday life by fantasizing bizarre parallel realities. We enter her hallucinatory world, peopled with Busby Berkeley dancers, Cirque du Soleil, Circus freaks, and human farm animals, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Yellow stars Heather Wahlquist, Sienna Miller, Melanie Griffith, Lucy Punch, Gena Rowlands, David Morse, Daveigh Chase, Max Thieriot, Riley Keough, Ethan Suplee, Brendon Sexton and Ray Liotta.


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Article: Yahoo TV
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‘Bates Motel’ Star Max Thieriot: We Haven’t Seen the Last of Uncle Caleb
SPOILER ALERT: Storyline and character spoilers ahead for “Bates Motel” Season 2.

Season 2 of A&E’s “Bates Motel” has flown by, and Monday’s finale finds Norman dealing with the truth about what he’s capable of during his blackouts, Norma — who’s been keeping that knowledge from her son — dealing with a very angry Norman, and Norman’s brother Dylan dealing with the fallout of having killed drug lord Nick Ford.

Yahoo TV talked to “Bates” star Max Thieriot — who’s given an award-worthy performance as Dylan this season — about Dylan’s swift rise to power in the White Pine Bay drug trade, the self-destructive behavior Dylan’s engaged in since finding out his mom’s brother Caleb is also his father, and whether we’ve seen the last of Uncle Dad Caleb.

Dylan has found himself in a higher position than he anticipated in the local drug business. Did he want to become a power player in this business?
In the beginning, being that he came from a little bit of a rough past and had experience handling firearms and that kind of stuff, a lot of it came naturally to him. He figured out the growing aspect and a little bit of the business side, because he’s a street-smart guy and approaches the world that way. He was able to deal with his business fairly easy.

But no, I think he never intended on rising to the top. But people were getting killed, and inevitably, somebody’s going to have to [take charge]. He found himself constantly taking those roles, and he was a trustworthy employee, and continued to climb the ladder. Now he’s found himself in deeper and a lot higher up than he ever expected, and he’s got to figure out how to deal with what he’s thrown himself into.

As you said, he’s a smart, savvy guy, and he’s also much more rational than a lot of the people around him. But how much of his current circumstances are also a result of the personal drama in his life? Finding out that his uncle is also his father, because Norma was raped by her brother… not that Dylan necessarily has a death wish, but it seems he’s a little more reckless. Is that an emotional reaction to this crushing revelation?

Yeah, exactly. I think a lot of that is mainly an emotional reaction; I think he’s acting and not thinking. A situation arises, and in a sense, it’s not like he has less to live for, but he just doesn’t care as much. Because he feels like, just when he thought he was maybe starting to feel better about himself and his relationship with his family, now he’s thinking, “That was all B.S.” Like, this is what he really is and who he is, and nobody cares about him, and he’s not loved, and he feels again like he has no one. I think in the back of his mind, he’s already been through hell, so it’s like, who cares if he dies?

So he’s definitely more reckless. What’s interesting is, he’s only more reckless with his own life, not with other people’s. I think that’s also what makes him good at his job, that he’s willing to ride in the battle and go into the situation [with] guns blazing.

No. I think for Dylan, it was like he saw an opportunity to make some money when he met Ethan. He saw this window of “Hey, I can make some cash; this dude’s obviously making a lot of cash.” That was all he wanted out of it.

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Just Jared Interview
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Max recently chatted on the phone with JustJared.com about his character in the second season of the show, going shirtless for the show, what he loves about racing cars, and what he last downloaded for music.

“There’s actually another scene that will come up where I have my shirt off. I just kind of started preparing for that, but, to be honest, I was actually a little disappointed because I wasn’t supposed to be shirtless that day. I just kind of started my diet. I started cutting down a little bit. I was a little disappointed that day because I just ate a giant breakfast and hadn’t worked out and done all these things and then they say ‘you’re going to take a shirt off in the scene.’ I was like, ‘no, really?’” Max shared about his shirtless scene.

JustJared: For those people, who haven’t seen Bates Motel yet, why should they tune into the show?
Max Thieriot:
I think it’s entertaining, it’s captivating, it’s suspenseful, and it’s different I think. I think the writing’s great, the acting is great, I think all-around it has dark comedy, and obviously a lot of suspense and drama. It’s a psychological thriller and even action, it’s a lot wrapped up in one.

JJ: It’s scary but in a different way not horror like!
Yes, it’s more suspenseful and psychological, instead of being just out-front and obvious about gore.

JJ: So in the last episode, Dylan lands himself in the hospital and he meets his boss. How will this relationship with his boss evolve over the rest of the season?
It will definitely evolve. We are bringing in a new character, I think it will be an interesting sort of relationship between the two. Even though it’s his boss, there’s hesitation but also an instant sexual tension.

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“Bates Motel” Renewed for Season 3
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Rest easy Bates Motel fans, you’ve gotten a late checkout. A&E Network announced today that the show has been renewed for season 3. This means viewers get to continue to watch Norman’s transformation from a nice, sensitive boy into a mentally unstable psychopath.

The little show that could has turned out to be a big hit for A&E with its popularity currently at its zenith. The network attributes the show’s success to great writing, a talented cast and its loyal fan base.

According to A&E: “Season two premiered on March 3 with a 4.6 million total viewers and delivered 2.6 million adults 18-49 and 2.2 million adults 25-54 (based on Live+7 viewing), Bates Motel continues to be A&E’s #1 drama series of all time among adults 18-49.” Not only is the show thriving, it’s a darling among a coveted age demographic.

Bates Motel, a prequel to Hitchcock’s masterpiece, explores the teenage years of Norman Bates (Freddy Highmore), the homicidal hotel proprietor made famous in the iconic film Psycho. Before “mother” was a shriveled corpse in the basement, she was a slightly unhinged, gorgeous blonde named Norma, played by Emmy-nominated actress Vera Farmiga. Also alive and well in the series is Norman’s half-brother Dylan Massett, played by Max Thieriot.

After Norman kills his father, Norma moves what’s left of the family to a seemingly idyllic coastal town called White Pine Bay but soon finds that his seaside village is full of secrets and a multitude of nefarious characters.

In its sophomore season, Bates creators have rounded out the core cast with some intriguing recurring characters. Michael Vartan (Hawthorne), Kathleen Robertson (Boss), Michael O’Neill (Dallas Buyers Club), Michael Ecklund (Arrow) and Kenny Johnson (Dexter) have all checked in, so to speak.

Season 3 will begin production on 10 episodes this fall. This leaves viewers stuck on the edge of their seats following the show’s May 5 finale.

You can catch current episodes of Bates Motel Mondays at 10pm on A&E.


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Article: Max & Kenny Johnson discuss Dylan’s dad
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In “Bates Motel” Season 2, episode 3, “Caleb,” viewers were treated to a pretty major shock when it was revealed that Norma’s brother Caleb is actually the father of her son Dylan. Max Thieriot’s Dylan continued to cope and process that discovery in episode 4, “Check-Out,” while Norman tried to take matters into his own hands.

According to Thieriot, Dylan will take the rest of the season to respond to this daddy shocker fully. Thieriot promises viewers will be able to see the information change Dylan as Season 2 continues on.

“I think he just needs to get out and wrap his head around it at this point,” he says during a conference call with reporters. “He’s really taken a fall this time. It will be a trying experience for Dylan that will ultimately define his character.”

The revelation also makes Dylan’s relationship with Norma that much more complicated. He walked out on her at the end of Monday’s (March 24) episode, and likely won’t return for a while.

“This has been a big trial moment for Dylan, because obviously they’ve had so many speed bumps in their relationship, but this is going to be the biggest thing he has to cross,” Thieriot says. “Maybe this is why he’s always felt like an outsider. Maybe this is why he never really fit in and he always felt on the back burner to Norman.”

He adds, “It’s tough for Dylan because it seems like every time he starts to hit his stride … everything starts crumbling down again.”

As for Caleb, Kenny Johnson says his character had no idea the mess he was getting himself into when he headed to White Pine Bay.

“I think he wants to just reconnect with Norma. I think it’s important for him to face the demons from his past,” Johnson says. “You think the past can go away, but sometimes it just sits there and haunts you until you face it. … This is his chance to face it. So far it’s gone horrifically wrong. It’s throwing him into a little whirlwind in his head.”

There’s a striking resemblance in real life between Thieriot and Johnson, which helped inform their characters. Thieriot says it was surprising how easily Johnson joined their on-set family, and that helped on screen with Dylan realizing Caleb truly is his father.

“I think deep down he knows this makes sense. As much as it doesn’t, it does,” Thieriot says. “What’s awesome is as soon as Kenny showed up — we’re such a tight-knit family on the set — Kenny showed up and he fit right into the family. It all made perfect sense. When these scenes were being played and acted out, it all had such a nice flow to it.”

As for the scene between Caleb and Norman that viewers saw at the end of last night’s episode, Johnson admits filming that opposite Freddie Highmore was “pretty wild.” Thieriot says that at this point Norman is “starting to realize that he has some problems,” but that fans shouldn’t expect to see too much Norman-channeling-Norma.

“It’s always a constant battle of high school Norman and Psycho Norman, and those two people fighting inside of him. Psycho Norman also happens to have a lot of Norma in him,” Thieriot says. “You kind of never really know when he’s going to snap — but we do get to see him snap. It’s kind of a constant ‘is he going to lose it right here?’”

In terms of what’s coming up next, Thieriot and Johnson tease that the war between Sheriff Romero and Zane will continue to escalate. Norma is struggling with balancing her new social life and the effect Caleb has had on her family, and Dylan might approach situations with a more “guns blazing” attitude now. And though Caleb is gone, that might not be for good.

“You haven’t seen the last of Caleb,” Johnson promises. “I can’t tell you when, but you haven’t seen the last of Caleb.”


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Article: “Bates Motel” Major Twist
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Tonight’s Bates Motel had a whopper of a twist in the final moments: Dylan’s father is…his mother’s brother! Yep, according to Norma (Vera Farmiga), her bro Caleb (Kenny Johnson) is Dylan’s dad. This will likely not end well so we talked to Motel EP Carlton Cuse about this major development.

EW: Tonight’s big reveal was that Caleb is the father of Dylan. Did you all plan that from the start of the series?
Like most good creative ideas they evolve and they grow richer over time. Back when I first discussed the show with A&E I mentioned with them that I would love to add a brother character number one because I thought it would be great to have a window of normalcy to look out at Norma and Norman through the perspective of this other guy. Also, it just felt like this dynamic of this other brother kind of creating triangulation in the family dynamic would be super great. Kerry Ehrin and I put flesh and bone on the Dylan character and I think as we started writing him and developing him and actually watching him and seeing how hurt and damaged he was being this sort of third wheel in this family, it felt like a natural progression to try and explain that and deepen our understanding of how that happened. Then, honestly, it was Vera who sent us the idea and thought What if we do this. Kerry and Vera and I all talked about it. It just was one of those things that “Oh this completely makes sense.” It was all kind of sitting on the table and then it all kind of fell into place.

So where will this storyline go?
I think it has incredibly powerful consequences for Dylan. It’s just such a horrible revelation for his self-worth. It really sort of spins him into a dark place in concert with the fact that he’s unwittingly found himself right in the middle of this crazy drug family. I think those two things spiral on top of each other. That’s what we’re following for the rest of the season: the downward spiral of Dylan. I’ve talked before about how the thematic of this season is, Who am I? Now that Dylan gets this really horrible answer to this question, now he’s dealing with the consequences of it. It’s really an opportunity for Max Thieriot to shine. It goes to some pretty twisty places over the course of the season. The event kind of catalyzes his event for the rest of the season.

Kenny Johnson is sorta perfect because he looks like Max.
I think he looks remarkably like him. If you took Max Thieriot and just led a hard and dissolute life for 20 years, he would look just like Kenny Johnson. It was sort of the brilliance of April Webster, our fantastic casting director, who found Kenny. I knew Kenny because he was on The Shield and The Shield was done by Shawn Ryan. I gave Shawn Ryan his first job on Nash Bridges and Shawn and I are friends. Shawn had extolled how amazing Kenny was and how fantastic he was an actor. We just jumped at the opportunity for him to join our show.

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Video: Young Hollywood Interview with Max and Olivia Cooke
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Photos: Feb. 26, 2014
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